A new approach to something often comes with a new set of questions. This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common
questions about ENERGYmaestro.

Answers for you

Does ENERGYmaestro comply with ISO 50001?

ENERGYmaestro is compliant with ISO 50001 requirements. And if your plant is applying for ISO certification, having an ENERGYmaestro solution will make your application stronger.

How much does it cost?

In most cases, the cost of ENERGYmaestro is paid back with the savings in less than six months. The cost depends on the configuration of your plant. In order to have a better idea of the effort required, we perform an assessment that will help you quantify the actual performance gaps, the savings and identify any road-blocks, for example, missing sensors, out dated information systems, or a poor energy culture.

Can I use a demo of ENERGYmaestro software?

ENERGYmaestro is not an energy management software solution. We believe that most plants have enough software tools to implement an energy management system. We therefore use what is already available and improve this. In case the technology is not available or suitable, we can provide you with best in class solutions.

Do I need to commit a lot of resources to deploy ENERGYmaestro?

Engagement of operators and managers are key to the success. Obviously, we will require a few hours from operators and managers during interviews, brainstorming session and training. In most cases, the total number of work days required is less than 20 on the customer side.

Is it necessary to involve operators?

Involving operators is a key point as they are the ones to decide on a day-to-day basis the actions required to keep the plant at its best performance. They need to be included to own the project and trust what the models tell them.

How do you compete with other EMIS vendors?

One of the key points in our approach is the strong involvement of operators combined with state-of-the-art big data and analytics technologies (DATAmaestro). This is a fast and effective combination for delivering robust and usable models to predict energy consumption and understand drifts.

Can I benefit from local subsidies to install your solution?

Many countries provide support to implement CAPEX or OPEX solutions that help industries save energy. However the diversity of subsidies is so wide that we may have to do some research for your installation. We work with local consultants that can help find the best way to get available support.

My measurements are not very accurate. Would ENERGYmaestro work at our plant?

Our approach can deal with uncertainties in measurements up to a certain point. A gap analysis and other tools will help us to identify the impact of measurement quality and whether this is a major roadblock. Unlike exact physical models, we don’t require perfect measurements; we simply need to be able to capture variability.

What if I change operations or install a new piece of equipment?

Our approach is based on the best practices in past operations. If you change the configuration of your plant it does not guarantee the performance model will remain valid. However it is easy with our advanced analytics tools to update the statistical models with newer data so that changes in operations are taken into account. It is also good to keep the old performance models to check that your new equipment has a positive impact on performance and that your ROI is what you expected.

How can I update a model?

When we set-up ENERGYmaestro we define a process to select data and construct the models using our DATAmaestro tool. To update models we just re-apply this data processing workflow on new data. At the same time we also update the operators training program. We can complete this process in a few days and it can be part of a maintenance and support contract. Customers can also do it themselves if they have been trained to use DATAmaestro analytics.

How much money will I save with ENERGYmaestro?

With ENERGYmaestro you will have more proactive control on energy consumption. In our experience, it leads to a minimum reduction of 10% in specific energy consumption, which can translate to mean a direct annual saving of more than $500,000 per plant.

Can ENERGYmaestro be useful in my plant?

ENERGYmaestro is dedicated to working with energy intensive industries. If the energy bill at your plant is more than $5 million a year, then ENERGYmaestro will have a very fast payback – within one year.

Do you work with a performance-based contract?

This is an option, but because the plant’s operators are responsible for the execution, we cannot take full responsibility for performance improvement. However, we can work with a bonus-based agreement depending on the levels of performance achieved.

Can you advise us on action plans to improve energy performance?

Even though our team includes Process Engineers and can understand how your plant works, you have more knowledge about the details of your process. In the diagnostic phase of the project we will rank the main root causes that explain good and bad performance. With this information, you will know the best practices so you can update standard operations, and have more accurate information to decide and simulate the impact of new activities.

Do I need maintenance services for ENERGYmaestro?

You need to review the performance of your system periodically to update performance models. We can provide a regular service to review and update models through a maintenance contract or transfer knowledge to your energy team so that you can independently achieve advanced diagnostics and update models.

I don’t have any historical data. Is it possible to deploy ENERGYmaestro EMIS?

If there is no database or historian that archives data, it is not possible to deploy an EMIS. However we can recommend a competitive solution that can help you start archiving data. A database system will connect all your measurements and give you an efficient way to retrieve past data for any reporting purpose. The cost of such systems is becoming very affordable and the payback time is increasingly short.

Can ENERGYmaestro be used for electrical and thermal energy?

Yes. In fact ENERGYmaestro is based on a continuous improvement methodology and advanced statics. No complex physical models are used. That’s why it can fit into any type of process for electrical and thermal energy (steam, gas). We can even apply this approach to reduce water usage, emissions, and raw materials.

How can we start to work with you?

The best way to start is to contact us to arrange a meeting at your plant in order to understand the primary challenges. In half a day, we can define a set of energy performance indicators. We would then start a performance gap analysis to estimate savings and assess risks and roadblocks to deploy ENERGYmaestro. From the receipt of your process data, we can provide you with results of our analysis within one week.