The ENERGYmaestro team is composed of energetic, motivated and creative individuals with specialized backgrounds, working together towards improved industrial energy efficiency.

Who we are

PEPITe was founded in 2002 to bring on the market the PEPITo software solution (now DATAmaestro) – the product of 20 years of development and experience in applied data mining technology, carried out by the Machine Learning Laboratory at the University of Liege in Belgium. PEPITe, a nugget in French, represents the nuggets of key information hidden in your data that our technology can uncover to optimize your operations. Today, with clients on three continents, PEPITe is forging a new future for predictive analytics in industry.

Using our quality products, ENERGYmaestro and DATAmaestro, PEPITe works with clients and strategic partners to create solutions that optimize efficiency. Obsessed with accuracy and performance, we transform our clients requirements into innovative and reliable solutions that fit to their processes.