Case studies

ENERGYmaestro has brought significant benefits to companies active in the pulp and paper, glass, steel, construction and chemicals industries.

Demonstrated savings for process industries

Organizations around the world rely on ENERGYmaestro to realize their information discovery and energy optimization needs. Customers from many different industries appreciate the quality, value, and support they receive from our solutions.

Please have a look at our selected case studies.


Validated fuel efficiency (pdf)
Using operational process data to save energy at CBR Heidelberg, which resulted in €1 million in annual savings and more involved plant personnel.


Steam network optimization (pdf)
Prayon saves on energy and improves communication and collaboration. Benefits included energy savings of €500,000 per year, improved internal communications and the creation of an energy culture within the entire organization.

Pulp & Paper

Heat recovery system (pdf)
Resolute Forest Products operators optimize their heat recovery system, resulting in a better understanding of the energy cost drivers and recurrent saving of $600,000 per year.

Optimized steam consumption (pdf)
Optimization of the paper machine steam consumption with a focus on energy improvement actions and a clear insight in the factors that have an impact on the energy consumption. With ENERGYmaestro Resolute were able to have $500,000 per year of recurrent savings.

Steam cost optimization (pdf)
Providing kraft mills the decision tools to increase energy efficiency. A long term energy strategy was implemented with improved day-to-day operations, which lead to energy savings of 5 - 10%.


Our customers benefit from over 12 years of expertise implementing energy saving and data analytics solutions in industry.