ENERGYmaestro brings energy savings to process industries by focusing on operational efficiency gains. It benefits all levels of an organization, from the shop floor to the executive suite.

Go beyond energy monitoring

Link energy use to operational decisions by implementing a KPI structure on top of energy monitoring, with decisions directly linked to the process. ENERGYmaestro's proven methodology gives you a clear view of your energy and team performance, as well as your real costs. The expertise of industry professionals combined with state-of-the-art data mining, advanced analytical and performance management solutions, provides you with the instruments to implement a winning energy strategy.

Structured methodology

Our proven approach comprises three main steps:

  1. Diagnostics of energy consumption variability, root cause, and performance gap analysis using DATAmaestro® analytics and input from plant operators.

  2. Development of decision support tools for every level of the organization, based on continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles.

  3. Deployment of support tools: real time efficiency monitoring for operators, periodic reporting for management and knowledge sharing.

ENERGYmaestro complies with ISO 50001 standards and fulfills the criteria for most government-supported initiatives for industrial energy efficiency.

Quick payback

The payback period for ENERGYmaestro is less than one year. Savings are possible from the installation of performance monitors, between three to five months following the project kick-off.

Key features and
competitive advantage

Holistic view of energy efficiency

Advanced analytics with DATAmaestro for fact based reporting, root causes analysis and design of predictive models  

No additional software requirements

Deployed in current plant information system

Strong involvement of operators from the beginning of the project

Sustainability across all levels of management

Straightforward and proven deployment process

Industry recognition and winner of several international awards

Experience deploying successful solutions for more than 5 years

Jumpstart your energy savings

As a first step in our methodology, a flash analysis is performed in order to identify the improvement opportunities and develop the business case for a full-scale ENERGYmaestro implementation. 

The goal of the flash analysis is to estimate potential energy savings, made possible by implementing an ENERGYmaestro project, and to provide insight into energy-related process variability. 

The scope includes collecting the relevant historical data (on hourly/daily basis) to describe production, along with electrical and thermal energy consumption. This information is used to calculate typical energy KPIs, specific energy consumption (per unit of production), identification of improvement opportunities related to variability reduction and calculation of potential savings.

All of these findings are summarized and presented to you, including an explanation of a typical project approach, the different phases and a general estimation of the actual ENERGYmaestro project duration.

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