Reduce your energy bill

Energy costs for process-based industries amount to over 300 billion EUR per year. In today’s economic climate, and considering the evolution of energy prices, addressing energy efficiency is critical.

CAPEX projects may not be the most efficient way to achieve energy savings.

ENERGYmaestro addresses the energy efficiency challenge for the industry, and can reduce your energy bill by a minimum of 10 to 15%, as a result of optimizing current assets and improving operations' practices.

Involve the operator

Involving the operators is highly important; operators play an active role in energy management, leading to permanent reductions in energy costs. During the different brainstorming sessions organized throughout an ENERGYmaestro project, participants are encouraged to discuss all possible causes for energy consumption variability and how to improve performance.

Implement an energy culture

By engaging everyone within organisation we help to create an energy culture by raising awareness and changing behavior, which allows everyone to drive energy efficiency. As a result energy consumption will be reduced and in many cases much more is saved than initially forecast.

Fast results

Energy savings can already be observed within three months after the implementation of performance monitors. However other benefits, like the aformentioned, can already be noticed at the beginning of an ENERGYmaestro project.


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