ENERGYmaestro HELPS you run your mill at minimum energy consumption. By providing a clear and consistent understanding of energy performance and its links to business performance, we have helped our customers achieve impressive savings.

  • Do not just monitor energy, act on it!

Integrate energy decisions with business and operation decisions by implementing a KPI structure with decision centers on top of your energy account centers. All of this is linked to process data.
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  • Do not just monitor drift, mitigate them!

React faster when processes are deviating with early detection of performance drift using dynamic targeting models and automated root cause identification.
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  • Do not just report high performance, make it a standard!

Analyze historical data to learn from the past by identifying conditions for previous optimal operation and give operators the tools to run the process at its optimum.
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  • Do not just raise awareness, empower your people!

Provide the right decision tool to the right person, at the right time. Put people at the center of the process to sustain gains.
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ENERGYmaestro combines state-of-the art data mining technologies with performance management, tailored-made Key Performance Indicator structure, automatic drill-down for fact- based problem solving, and advisory systems with expert support.

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